I shot and photographed for the award winning pilot for WHO CARES with Dr. Yvette Lu - a wonderful story about a first time caregiver who needs to move in with his mother, Kristine, after she has a bad fall.

Project: RestorFX. Production House: Red Ripley. Role: Videographer (Shot on RED Scarlet, and Canon 5D on Glidecam). 

Project: UBC BROCK COMMONS TALLWOOD HOUSE. Role: Videographer, Time Lapse Photographer (Shot on Canon 5D, Panasonic GH4 and Go-Pro Hero 3

Project: Integral Group Engineering. Production House: Red Ripley. Role: Videographer, Co-Producer (Shot on RED Scarlet, Green Screen and Glide Cam). 

Be’wildher (Formally known as Pokosha), is a eco & ethical fitness brand that is made in Canada. I filmed, produced and edited this piece for them. You can check them out at: https://bewildher.com/

Global Me is a Vancouver based language and technology company which specializes in localization testing, speech & motion technologies and usability testing. Collaborating with their marketing team, I had the pleasure of producing, filming and editing this video to articulate their passion and vision for language and technology. Role: Producer, Director, Videographer and Editor. (Shot on Panasonic GH4). 

Project: Alexander College. Production House: Red Ripley. Role: Co-Producer, Videographer, Actor. (Shot on RED Scarlet, Green Screen). 

The Georgia Strait Alliance is a Vancouver based marine conservation group who has worked with local businesses, government and individuals to advocate and find solutions to build and restore our marine environment. Role: Producer, Director, Videographer and Editor. (Shot on Nikon D7000). 

Working with Vancouver based film production company Red Ripley, I filmed and directed this video for the LANYAR Youth at Risk Foundation - a group which helps youth at risk develop mental and physical stamina through fitness. Production House: Red Ripley. Role: Producer, Director, Videographer. (Shot on RED Scarlet). 

Working with Raw Natural Born Artists, I had the pleasure of interviewing and filming hundreds of local Vancouver artists from many different genres. You can visit them here: http://www.rawartists.org. Role: Videographer, Interviewer. 

In the Summer of 2015 I had the unique opportunity to film basketball for Split Second Basketball - a premier Vancouver based basketball training camp which helps students learn proper technique and habits that give them a competitive advantage. Role: Videographer, Editor, Producer.